Virtual Office Software Portal

Our in-house Virtual Office Software Portal is design purposely to fit any Singapore company that is running virtual office business. Our solution is proven workable with clients already using and benefiting from it. A full-fledged complete solution that is pack with many useful features as listed below. The software does not ends here, Apply IT can customize it further & tailor-made the software to fit your business requirements.


  1. Entire system is fully CMS based. Admin able to manage packages, rooms, facilities etc any time. The system also allow changes to take effect when certain date is reached.
  2. Voucher generation for use on room, facility, subscription, renewal discount.
  3. Automatic e-mail notification for any activities to member and admin. Email templates are all customization by admin using WYSIWYG editor.
  4. Admin able to check-in new mail & parcel for member. Expired collection with automated penalty calculation considering weekends and public holidays.
  5. Individual petty cash account for individual member to use in the system to subscribe to service, room booking etc. Top-up can be done via Paypal or manual top-up by admin.
  6. Room & facility booking. System will handle all public holiday and availability of each time slot base on the room type and time.
  7. Uploading of digital fax received and email with attachment to customer. Customer is able to download the copy from the portal too.
  8. There are many other features available. Please contact us for appointment so that we can show demo of the software to you for better understanding.

Virtual Office Booking Management
Figure 1: Booking Page

Virtual Office Software Portal
Figure 2: Overview for Administration