Multi-Level Marketing Software Solution

We are expert in delivery world class Multi-Level Marketing Software Solution for Singapore company. Our system is highly customizable to fit any business marketing plan. Please contact us for appointment and demo of the system.


  1. Membership registration & online payment via local gateway & Paypal.
  2. Admin approval process with email notification etc.
  3. Binary tree between upline and downline relationship.
  4. Bonuses calculation for Sponsor Bonus, Pairing Bonus, Royalty Bonus, Repeat Sales Bonus, Jackpot Bonus etc.
  5. Bonus automatically calculated on monthly basis and converted into member’s E-Wallet.
  6. Member request E-Wallet withdrawal from the system.
  7. Reporting for membership registration, member’s downline informatin, bonus calculation log etc.
  8. Reporting for company monthly revenue, gross profit, best selling products etc.
  9. Product catalog and grouping for products.

Multilevel Marketing Software
Figure 1: Member downline table
Multilevel Marketing Binary Tree
Figure 2: Member binary tree