Seeing satisfy and happy customers is our passion to deliver our best. Below are some of our key projects done with our clients.

 Ryobi Kiso Ryobi Kiso (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. – A leading provider of ground engineering solutions in Singapore.

Project: Custom project progress monitoring and reporting.

 OSIM OSIM (M) Sdn Bhd – Asia leading healthy lifestyle product specialist.

Project: Facebook Marketing campaign & brand building.

IKSAQUA IksAquaculture Sdn Bhd – One of the biggest aquaculture company in Malaysia.

Project: Help to monitor their daily operation, farm management, costing and sales forecasting.

Despark Auto Despark Auto (HQ) Academy Sdn Bhd – One of the largest automotive academy in Malaysia.

Project: Linking up their Sales, Admin, Academy, HR & Training departments for better business adminstration.

Multi-Level-Marketing Regius Primoris – A Multi-Level Marketing company providing health products.

Project: Web portal for member registration, bonus calculation inventory control, catalog and reporting./

 Trend Matrix TrendMatrix Enterprises Sdn Bhd – One of the biggest entertainment groups in KL owning 6 entertainment outlets.

Project: Inventory System, restaurant reservation system.

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